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So yum, it’s Nyum

The ready-to-eat, handmade food service offers restaurant-quality wholesome meals

As a working professional or parent, the most dreaded question of all is “What’s for supper?” That’s where Nyum Meals, a ready-to-eat, handmade meal food service based in Dubai, has the answer. Nyum Meals makes restaurant-quality, wholesome meals, providing convenience to working professionals and absolving mothers of any guilt for not preparing food themselves. The meals are blast frozen and can be stored in a deep freezer, ready for heating whenever it’s meal time.

A market leader in the making of delicious kids meals, Nyum’s kids meals contain at least one of their five-a-day fruit and veg requirements. The vegetables and fruits are hidden so that even the fussiest young eaters enjoy the meals while getting all the goodness.

The brand caters to a wide range of taste buds, from crowd-pleasing meals such as mac ‘n’ cheese and lasagne to more ethnic flavours such as Thai red chicken pinang curry. Nyum has also recently launched a pudding range for children and adults alike with delicious options such as sweet potato chocolate brownie for kids and sticky date pudding with toffee sauce for adults. If your child is a picky eater, refusing to eat fruit and veggies, then the struggle to get them to eat a balanced and wholesome meal is real. As with its kids’ meals, the kids’ pudding also includes at least one portion of one of their five a day.

So how easy is it for the customers to get Nyum Meals on their plate? Meals can go through three cooking methods: air fryer, oven, or microwave, with certain meal exceptions. Once the meal of choice has been selected, it is about removing the sleeve and film, and you have a delicious meal ready in minutes.

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A stickler for quality and perfection, Co-founder chef Tarryn-Leigh Green knows that the only way to get consistency is through adhering to ingredient specifications, extensive training, detailed SOPs (standard operating procedures) and regular quality checks. “There are no machines, just human beings who are cutting shallots, or carrots to prepare meals. It is really important for us to take a little bit of that burden off you, only using ingredients you would use at home.” Ergo, only fully trained, dedicated chefs make Nyum’s meals.

As consumers become more aware of what they are eating, transparency is essential. Nyum’s core values are quality without compromise, and so all its meals are made using only clean ingredients and wherever possible, locally sourced. The most serious problem threatening the planet today is sustainability and food waste. Nyum Meals has taken a step towards addressing this issue by using locally procured ingredients wherever possible, utilising biodegradable packaging, producing locally and blast freezing its meals to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers. Blast freezing is simply a fast method of freezing.

This allows for the meals to be frozen in minutes, encapsulating their freshness, quality and nutritional value, providing their customers with restaurant-quality food, ready at their convenience and removes the risk of waste.

Available online and from retailers such as Kibsons and Choithrams, Nyum is now working with hotels, restaurants, indoor play areas and cafes. “As our meals are frozen, the risk of food waste is eliminated, allowing for the opportunity for consistent quality and gross profit,” says chef Green. “We are not coming in between the chef’s jobs, but simply giving chefs the ability to focus on what they love doing best. We partner with these organisations to help them provide fantastic quality meals, further enhancing their customers’ dining experience.”

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